The success of the fight against the epidemic can not be separated from the unity of people and the multi pronged approach!

We work together, the world will win!

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Let’s take a look at China’s practice and hope it can help the world.


一、 National government level


 1.close  cities/province

Control the epidemic in a closed area.


2.It is the fastest and most effective way to establish Xiaotangshan Hospital and fangcang hospital.

This action controlled the spread of the disease and separated the normal people from the patients


3.National treatment guidelines

So that all doctors who contact patients can have rapid diagnosis and treatment.


4.One province saves one city and supports Hubei Province


5.A large number of people donated money to the disaster area ,that ensure the life of medical staff and ordinary people.


6.Taxis, buses and long-distance passenger vehicles are prohibited, which greatly reduces personnel contact


7.Establishment of epidemic prevention and control leading group。

Social stability maintenance group, market supply and supervision group, material support group, transportation and quarantine group, epidemic prevention and treatment group, epidemic treatment group, inspection and supervision group and other groups work together.


8.Develop the diagnosis and treatment flow chart of fever patients


9.All residents report their temperature in work units

The Education Bureau will track and report the students coming back from Wuhan.


10.Data filtering and publishing

The passenger information of the same plane, train and car shall be fed back to the headquarters in time, and the suspicious personnel shall be isolated.

It is particularly important for the general public to publish the itinerary of each patient. Some people think it’s a violation of personal privacy。But,This way, ordinary people have a prediction of their own physical condition。


11.Special data will be reported to the headquarters every day, and the government will know all the epidemic situations.

These data include: number of fever, number of visits, number of stay in hospital

Number of people tested, suspected, confirmed, isolated, etc


12.Stop all aggregative activities

Under the first level response, the government closed all KTVs, bars, Internet bars, museums, gyms, cinemas and scenic spots at the first time;

Soon, close all restaurants and shops along the street (except fresh supermarket, large supermarket and drugstore)

Fresh supermarket, window selling goods, all customers for forehead temperature measurement and registration, outside the queue interval of one meter.


13.Increase publicity

Loudspeakers at the entrance of the market and the community broadcast the epidemic situation in turn, and several banners were pulled up to create a tense atmosphere for everyone.


14.Large area disinfection

In the evening, the government sent out large-scale sprinklers to disinfect urban roads in large areas。


15.Open personal track query service

10086 and other telecom companies have launched personal trace query services, which city level areas can tell you;


16.Garbage classification

There are special recycling bins such as masks everywhere.


17.Location of mobile phone installation for people from epidemic area

This is the practice of South Korea, to judge whether those who live in isolation strictly abide by the isolation rules.


18.Various policies issued by the state

For example, masks:

The procedure of producing masks can be completed in one day;

The State shall collect masks in a unified way;

For each mask manufacturer, the government will issue public welfare orders. For example, only when the national collection task of 20 million masks is completed, can they be sold to the outside world;

The supply of masks in pharmacies shall be uniformly distributed by the government.

84 disinfectant, the same control。


19.Online consultation

Alipay opens online inquiry service


20.Open psychological counseling service



二、 Closed community and reduced personnel flow

  • The vehicle needs to apply for a pass;
  • A person needs to apply for a 2-day pass;
  • Do not turn on the central air conditioner in the room;
  • Indoor sewer should be disinfected and sealed in time;
  • All the residential areas are completely closed with only one import and export;
  • There are tents or simple color steel houses for community workers at the entrance of the community;
  • Registration system for community residents (post love paper at the door of residents to let them write their names and mobile phone numbers);
  • Strictly implement the 14 day isolation system;
  • Isolated at home, the community is responsible for delivering food.

三、 Personal protection:

  • Wear a mask.
  • Wash hands strictly;
  • Hand sanitizer;
  • Hand sanitizer;
  • Protective gloves;
  • Headgear;
  • When you get home, spray alcohol on your clothes and soles;
  • Take a bath as soon as you get home;
  • Wipe the floor and floor with household disinfectant, spray disinfectant on bedding at ordinary times;
  • Open windows for ventilation;